A Partnership like no other..

  • We are a 501c3 and 1101.01 of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • We understand and engage with millennials, gen Z and Alpha, each and every day around Puerto Rico & the US. This are powerful, growing and influential audiences very different from previous generations and we communicate with them in a voice that is both authentic and highly aspirational.
  •  We develop and control all of our work plan.
  • We are a non profit Organization Keeping the Surfing Dream Alive!
  • We have, unquestionably, the best young surfers / SUP racers in Puerto Rico competing on our Conference, the best development programs for the providing of education and training to our young athletes, Open Ocean Surf Rescue Programs providing leadership positioning to our partners.
  • We are very experienced Educators & Coaches, licensed by the State and the major Surfing International Organizations.
  • We use the best technology and equipments to help develop our athletes and providing scores, results statistics to measure performance and information for all press & company releases with/for our partners.
  • We are creators each and every day. We produce and control all of our content to use in building compelling stories with our partners.
  • We are a gateway to one of the most healthy, active, and desirable lifestyles on the planet.
  • We are in a growth business. Fortune estimates in 2017 the global surf industry generated more than $13 billion. In Puerto Rico, participation is growing by +30 percent annually.
  • We are stewards of the environment. Our playing fields are the coastlines and, as such, we have a platform and responsibility to take care of these precious resources.
  • With our wide scope for Educational, National Competitive and Evaluatory events and Safety & Enviromental Outreach, we can tailor a program that suits your brand needs.
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