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RESTUBE SPARE CARTRIDGES -16g CO2, Galvanized steel & threaded -Green safety clips -Meets DIN EN ISO 12402-7 / UL 1191, salt water proof -ISI/5503 Austria 11/18 -For transport by air follow IATA-rules -Not all CO2 Cartridges are a like and we highly recommend only using the RESTUBE spare cartridges. We know you can find some cheap cartridge alternatives on Amazon, so before you do that, understand this... The RESTUBE cartridges are made of a high quality galvanized steel, so there is there will be no rust or corrosion. In fact, the galvanized steel we use is 20x more higher strength than the life jacket industry standard. CHEAP CARTRIDGE WARNING They frequently do not come fully loaded with 16g, which could be an issue with the RESTUBE to fill. They are made thicker, making it harder to pull the trigger, and with many times use, it will actually wear down the trigger pin. It is common for a cheap cartridge to put on double seals so they won’t leak but this can cause it not to work or have trigger malfunction. MAKE IT LAST Rinse your restube device after each contact with salt water they can last for a long time. We also recommend to check the weight after a longer period of time. Each cartridges comes with a label indicating the individual weight. They manufacturer needs to indicate a “best before” date so they are stamped to say 5 years. 16g is fully cheap cartrides are not weighted, empty cap of the cartridge is thin so it can be done frequently cheap is thick, it's harderer to pull and wears down the pin galvinized steel, hight quality than stainless galvanitation 20x higher than the life jacket indudstry standard

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